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Philip Morris looks beyond cigarettes with alternative products

Philip Morris International (PM.N), the world's largest international tobacco company, said it could eventually stub out cigarette sales as it launched an alternative product in Britain on Wednesday.

Underlining the regulatory pressures facing the tobacco industry, a British court also on Wednesday rejected an appeal against new rules prohibiting the use of marketing such as logos or colors on cigarette packs.

Is your state part of the war on vaping?

A new report from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released this week called for the federal government to hit electronic cigarettes with high taxes, regulatory restrictions, limits on advertising for vaping products, and bans on the sale of some vaping products.

Medical researchers divided on categorising of vaping products

JOHANNESBURG - Some medical researchers have argued that government will have a tough time regulating vaping products because they are difficult to categorise.

On Wednesday the Vapour Product Association held a panel discussion on the health implications of e-cigarettes compared to tobacco.

Government says vaping and normal cigarettes are the same and has expressed its intention to regulate accordingly.

On the issue of regulation, Dr Kgosi Letlape says government should consider already existing framework.

Trump Administration’s dubious claims about pot and opioids are dead wrong

Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

The Trump administration hinted yesterday of a forthcoming federal crackdown in the eight states that have elected to regulate their marijuana markets. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer alleges that such federal intrusion is necessary in order to try and stem the rising tide of prescription opioid abuse sweeping across various parts of the nation.

What's Really Inside Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge?

Nearly every week it seems like there's a new vape product on the market. Even though dried cannabis flowers are still the most popular purchase among California medical marijuana patients, according to the 2016 State of Cannabis report from weed delivery service Eaze, vapes are swiftly catching up.

House Committee Changes, Advances Vaping Regulations Bill

Stakeholders in Indiana’s vaping industry say they’re happier with legislation regulating e-liquids after more changes in a House committee.

The Senate’s version of a bill rewriting Indiana vaping regulations largely eliminated many of the existing rules, aiming to undo controversy over current law and its creation of a de facto monopoly.

But some House lawmakers don’t want to go that far, so they amended the bill Tuesday to add rules back in. Those changes drew criticism and concern from many in the industry, so the committee made more alterations Wednesday.

Big Tobaccos - Are they finally on their Suicide Missions?

It almost seems like a cosmic change - a ‘Dark Force’ have risen and one of the tobacco heroes announced in their usual bold, elegant fashion - “it's time..” – time for what? “time to, well... quit!”

Smoking rate in UK falls to second-lowest in Europe

Smoking rates across the UK continue to fall, showing a sharp decline since 2010 among younger people, latest figures reveal.

In 2016, 15.8% of adults in the UK smoked, down from 17.2% in 2015, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Some 15.5% of adults currently smoke in England, rising to 18.1% in Northern Ireland, 17.7% in Scotland and 16.9% in Wales.

Across the UK, 5.6% of people – around 2.9 million – used e-cigarettes in 2016.

How the tobacco and vaping industries responded to the government's new tobacco control plan

The tobacco and vaping industries have largely welcomed a tobacco control plan released by the government today, which seeks to encourage a loosening of e-cigarette regulations after Brexit.

The report, produced by the Department of Health, said the government would identify ways to de-regulate vaping after the UK leaves the European Union. These could include scrapping regulations on refill

Clouds gather over the vaping pioneers

“I used to cough my guts up every morning,” rasped Callum Henderson. The 31-year-old started smoking aged 11 and puffed through two packs of Marlboro Gold a day until he quit five years ago. Henderson began to cut down when a friend in the pub offered him an electronic cigarette. The devices not only helped the former car trader kick the deadly habit — they also gave him an idea for a business.

He and his brother Connor (another ex-smoker) founded Vaporized in 2013 in Edinburgh. Today it is Britain’s largest chain of ecigarette shops, with 96 outlets.

Adult smoking in N.C. reaches another historic low in 2016

The state’s adult smoking rate dropped to another historic low in 2016, this time to 17.9 percent, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services said Wednesday.

That still means about 1.41 million out of 7.9 million adult North Carolinians are smokers, according to data from N.C. State Center for Health Statistics.

The rate remains slightly above the national rate of 17.1 percent.

By comparison, the state’s 2015 Youth Tobacco Survey determined that 9.3 percent of high-school students and 2.3 percent of middle-school students were current smokers.

Scientists Weigh In - Secondhand Vapor Is Not Harmful

Although vaping has been around since 2004, the real uptick in vapers only happened several years ago, when the industry ironed out the kinks and presented casual users with a wide variety of easy-to-use vaping devices. Since then, the vaping community has been under constant attacks from vaping opponents, most of which are able to secure serious coverage by the mainstream media.

E-Cigarette Market to Reach $48 Billion by 2023: P&S Market Research

NEW YORK, Jan. 02, 2018
(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to the report published by P&S
Market Research, the global e-cigarette market is forecasted to attain a
value of $48 billion by 2023. The growth in
the market will be led by factors such as increasing demand for
smokeless and ashless vaping and surge in the number of vape shops and
designated stores. The e-cigarette market can
be broadly categorized into cig-a-like, vaporizer, vape mod, t-vapor,
and aftermarket product types. The market for t-vapor is projected to

Many continue to misunderstand the purpose of "Risk Reduction"

In an anonymous, 32-question survey of general practitioners, allergists, and pulmonologists, it was revealed that allergists and general practitioners are not as comfortable as pulmonologists with providing proper counsel on the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes

The survey was presented in a poster at the 2018 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI)/World Allergy Organization (WAO) Joint Congress in Orlando, Florida.

“This is a survey study from the University of Michigan looking at

FDA Revises Tobacco Retailer Training Programs

This guidance document is intended to assist retailers in implementing training programs for employees to learn about and comply with the Federal laws, including regulations, regarding:

Two Brothers Are Accused Of Running One Of The Largest Illegal THC Vape Cartridge Operations In The US

Two brothers in their early twenties have been accused of running what authorities say could be one of the largest operations to manufacture and sell illegal THC-filled vaping cartridges in the US.

Authorities said 20-year-old Tyler Huffhines was the ringleader of a sophisticated vaping “empire” that is now being investigated for links to the recent vaping-related illnesses and deaths across the country.

Open letter from Samsung concerning Samsung Batteries use in vaping devices

                                                                                                  Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. Cease and Desist

Hoe veilig is e-roken?

De Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie WHO bepleit in een nieuw rapport strengere regels voor de elektronische sigaret. Volgens de WHO zou de e-sigaret niet binnen moeten worden gebruikt, vanwege het effect op anderen van meeroken, en overheden zouden reclames voor e-sigaretten moeten inperken. Verder moeten drank-, fruit- en snoepsmaken verboden worden. Ook wil de WHO een verbod op het verkopen van de e-sigaret aan jongeren.

Clive Bates: Misleading the public for their own good? Changing the warnings on snus

What sort of ‘warnings’ should go on tins of snus? Modern snus use is probably around 98% less risky than smoking – but do the regulatory ‘risk communications’ in the form of these warnings really reflect that?

E-cigarettes 'much less addictive, toxic' than conventional cigarettes

Are e-cigarettes effective as a smoking cessation aid? This is a controversial question. Some studies claim the devices help smokers quit, while others suggest e-cigarettes may encourage tobacco smoking and may even be a gateway to illicit drug use. A new study adds to the debate, suggesting that e-cigarettes are much less addictive than conventional cigarettes. The research team - including Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry at the College of Medicine at Pennsylvania State University - publish their findings in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

France wants ban on new cannabis-extract "e-joint"

PARIS (AP) — France's health minister has said she wants to ban a controversial cannabis-extract electronic cigarette that's been launched in France. Marisol Touraine told French radio she was "opposed" to the self-styled "e-joint," that was launched online Tuesday. She said it will encourage cannabis use and she will approach the courts to ban the product. Though cannabis is illegal in France, French-Czech company KanaVape say their hemp vaporizer product is legal. They say it does not contain the mind-altering THC substance found in marijuana.

Need to Curtail Smoking Becomes More Acute as Its Known Dangers Widen


February 23, 2015

A major new study of smoking and death has banged more nails into the coffin of cigarette smoking, though chances are it will do little to persuade any of the 42 million American smokers to quit.

If current smokers have not already responded to the well-established links between smoking and 21 diseases that together cause 480,000 deaths each year, adding another five diseases and 60,000 deaths to this grisly total is unlikely to make a difference — at least not by itself.

Mike Siegel – Worst lie of them all: CDC tells public that smoking is no worse than vaping

The CDC Implies to the public that smoking traditional cigarettes is actually no worse than vaping.

E-cigarette companies unite to tackle proposed ban in Hong Kong

Five major electronic cigarette companies in the city have formed a new association to block the government's plan to ban the sale of their products in the city, the Post has learned.

Nav Lalji, one founder of the Asian Vape Association formed last week, said the group contained major players in the e-cigarette industry - including sellers, distributors and manufacturers - who make up about 70 per cent of the local market.

HUD gets it right on smoking, FDA doesn't

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is being praised for a new policy on smoking, but not for reasons one might think.

HUD announced this week it will ban smoking in public housing. The administration emphasized what is common knowledge: that exposing people to secondhand smoke is hazardous. It also cited statistics showing the ban will save the government millions of dollars in repairs, preventable fires, and healthcare costs.

Surgeon general sounds the alarm on teens and e-cigarettes

(CNN) - The nation's top doctor is sounding the alarm on e-cigarettes, especially when used by teens and young adults.

"These products are now the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth in the United States, surpassing conventional tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and hookahs," wrote Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, the US surgeon general, in a report released Thursday. In fact, use of e-cigarettes among high school students increased by 900% from 2011 to 2015, according to the report.

Luciano: Exploding vape device torches man's groin

Benjamin Ellington enjoyed smoking.

That is, in the traditional way. Not out of his front pocket.

But that's what happened to the Bushnell man when the battery from his vaping device exploded, according to a new lawsuit. The combustion triggered burns to his hand, thigh and genitals, causing "suffering and disfigurement," court documents claim.

Trump’s Proposed Pot Crackdown Is Out Of Step With Voters, Including Many Republicans

Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

The Republican Party controls the legislative and executive branch for the first time since the 109th Congress. Understandably, leadership is anxious to push forward an agenda that comports with longstanding conservative principles of limited government as well as with the President’s populist rhetoric. Advocating for marijuana policy reform ought to be part of this federal agenda. Here’s why.

E-cigarettes a gateway to smoking? Not likely

Are e-cigarettes a gateway product that lead more people, especially teens, to smoke regular cigarettes?

No, according to public health researchers from the University at Buffalo and the University of Michigan writing in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

"The national trends in vaping and cigarette smoking do not support the argument that vaping is leading to smoking," said Lynn Kozlowski, the paper's lead author and a professor of community health and health behavior in UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Health officials, e-cig advocates discuss industry shift

Late last year, the U.S. Surgeon General released a report citing the health hazards of electronic cigarettes or vaping products among young users.

The report, which states that those kinds of products are "the most commonly used form of tobacco among youth in the United States" has rekindled a smoldering debate about how these products can or will be regulated in the future.

Vape Friendly FDA Commissioner Confirmed

churnmag.com: The Trump Administration’s pick to head the United States Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, has been confirmed to the position of FDA Commissioner.

Vaping Post is reporting that Gottlieb, who has had detractors and supporters on both sides of the aisle, was confirmed on Tuesday by the Senate and is expected to take up the post as soon as possible.

PMI investing in Russia

Philip Morris International intends to invest 2.49 billion rubles (US$42 million) in modernizing its factory in the Leningrad region of Russia, according to a Construction.RU story.

Construction.RU said that it had been told on Tuesday by the regional administration’s press office that the work was due to be carried out in 2017-18.

It said the project would be one of biggest to have been undertaken in the region for years.

Trump’s FDA Commissioner Transforms the Government’s Policy on E-Cigarettes

Scott Gottlieb has shown that he understands the problems with the Obama administration’s treatment of the issue. Next, he must correct them.

On July 28, new Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced a bold shift in the way the FDA regulates tobacco, e-cigarettes, and nicotine. Dr. Gottlieb should be applauded for endorsing a scientific reality that has been well understood for decades but largely ignored by tobacco-control groups and U.S. policymakers:

Quit smoking campaign Stoptober backs e-cigs for first time

The annual Stoptober campaign in England is embracing e-cigarettes for the first time - in a sign vaping is being seen as the key to getting people to quit.

Health experts have tended to shy away from explicitly promoting e-cigarettes.

But the government campaign during October will feature vaping in its TV adverts for the first time.

It comes after e-cigarettes proved the most popular tool for quitting during last year's campaign.

Japan Tobacco’s cigarette sales plummet harder than expected

Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco will launch their new, real tobacco e-smokes, IQOS in Japan that will become the key testing ground for the two companies. After successful tries in Europe and Japan since 2014, the two giants are confident and expect a global expansion soon.

At the time BAT was launching its “hybrid” e-cigarette in Romania, two other giants announce that their smokeless cigarette will be released in Japan.

Philip Morris International's 2018 Resolution Is to Give Up Cigarettes

LONDON — Philip Morris International (PMI) kicked off 2017 by reaffirming its commitment to a smoke-free future. This year PMI is taking that pledge to the next step.

FDA requires additional e-cigarette makers to provide critical information so the agency can better examine youth use and product appeal, amid continued concerns around youth access to products

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continued to take important steps to address youth use of e-cigarettes by sending official requests for information to four e-cigarette manufacturers requiring them to submit important documents to better understand the youth appeal of these products.

AHA: Even with weight gain, smoking cessation ups survival

(HealthDay News) -- Fear of unhealthy weight gain can be a factor holding smokers back from quitting the habit. But a new study finds that even if people do gain a few pounds once they quit, their post-cigarette health is still much better than if they'd kept on smoking. The findings are being presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA), held from Nov. 15 to 19 in Chicago.

FDA funded junk scientists and THR opponents at UCSF urge FDA to reject Swedish Match's MRTP application

FDA funded junk scientists and THR opponents at UCSF urge FDA to reject Swedish Match's MRTP application because they don't' want tobacco consumers to know snus is far less hazardous than cigarettes, doesn't cause mouth cancer, and has helped many people quit smoking

Utah officials slash fines for e-cigarette marketers

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Utah officials have slashed fines for three online electronic cigarette marketers from $1.1 million to $31,150. They declined comment on why the Utah Division of Consumer Protection quietly settled civil cases with companies that had been cited for more than 440 violations after allegedly deceiving and ripping off customers. Department of Commerce spokeswoman Jennifer Bolton told The Salt Lake Tribune (http://bit.ly/1zSe94o ) the agency will “let the full terms of the settlement agreements speak for themselves.”

E-cigarettes being sold in prison shops in smoking ban pilot

Prisoners are being allowed to smoke e-cigarettes as part of a pilot scheme that could lead to a jail smoking ban. BBC News has learned that a brand of disposable e-cigarettes has been on sale in three prisons for two months.

In landmark FDA tobacco study, e-cig questions likely to linger

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to release initial data from a landmark study into how Americans use tobacco products, but researchers expect many key questions about e-cigarettes to remain unanswered.

The five-year Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study of about 46,000 people, begun in 2011, is expected to provide a wealth of data about smoking behavior that could shape regulations ranging from warning labels and advertising restrictions to new product approvals.

Snus and e-cigarettes are indisputably safer than smoking, contrary to what the New York Times wants you to think

The New York Times would much rather have people believe that the e-cigarette as well as Snus is as bad as or possibly worse than traditional smoking.


Long-term e-cigarette use could lead to chronic lung conditions, scientists have warned.

US researchers found e-cigarette vapour affects cells in the lungs in the same way as cigarettes smoke, even after just one hour.

Long-term exposure could lead to emphysema, which is also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

These are, however, only preliminary results, but naturally, medical experts are hailing then as significant already.

The smoke and mirrors of the anti-cigarette crusade

Colleges and universities are not the only institutions infantilizing young adults these days. State and local governments are, too. The latest example is the District of Columbia, which is about to raise the smoking age to 21. In doing so it will join California, Hawaii and more than 100 cities, including New York, Chicago and Cleveland.

Shares Bringing Holiday Cheer For Investors: British American Tobacco p.l.c. (:BTI)

Shares of British American Tobacco p.l.c. (:BTI) have climbed in the previous month. During that time period, shares are up 3.57% which has provided some nice profits for investors who may be looking to take advantage of the recent gains. Focusing in on the past five trading days, shares have changed -0.28%. Year-to-date, the stock has performed 5.28%.

GOP finally sees Vape law problems

After ignoring protests last year, then seeing a preliminary injunction issued by a U.S. District Court and an FBI investigation launched, Indiana House Republican leaders now want to overhaul a vape law that would have created a monopoly.

The law would have mandated a certification process that would create a monopoly for Mulhaupt’s, a Lafayette-based business. The law had been championed by state Sen. Ron Alting, who is — you guessed it — from Lafayette.

E-cigarette use falls for the first time as MPs launch inquiry into whether use of the devices should be restricted

Electronic cigarette use has fallen for the first time among smokers, as a select committee has announced an inquiry into the devices.

Following studies linking e-cigarettes with cancer and infertility, the House of Commons science and technology committee will take evidence on how they affect human health.

Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco: The Next Wave Of A Harm-Reduction Revolution

A little-known tobacco technology, Heat-not-Burn (HNB), has the potential to slash smoking-related death and disease by appealing to the millions of smokers who've failed to quit using e-cigarettes and traditional nicotine-replacement therapies.

Unlike e-cigarettes, HNB products use real tobacco, but instead of burning it like traditional cigarettes, they heat the tobacco, giving users a tobacco-flavored vapor. This is critical because it is the burning of tobacco which forms the most harmful compounds found in cigarette smoke.

E-cigarette maker refuses to accept returns on unsold products, wholesaler claims

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania wholesaler is suing Ballantyne Brands LLC, a North Carolina company that produces electronic cigarettes and related paraphernalia, citing alleged breach of contract.

Promote Health by Not Defending the E-Cigarette Ban

Harm reduction — opting for a product or activity that is not harmless but is better than the existing alternative — is a common and obvious strategy that we employ almost unthinkingly. For example, many drugs used for chemotherapy to treat cancer are highly toxic and cause a variety of serious side effects, but taking them is better than leaving the cancer untreated.

Game Changer | Why Canada’s Top Anti-Tobacco Group Embraces Vaping

It’s the mortal enemy of the tobacco industry, the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association. For over 40-years, the NSRA leads the effort to eradicate the tobacco industry’s deadly products. Racking up win after win with non-smoking bylaws, advertising bans and the world precedent setting graphic warnings on cigarettes packages.

You still cannot vape on US inbound, outbound flights

A divided federal appeals court is upholding a President Barack Obama-era regulation that barred e-cigarette smoking—also known as vaping—on both inbound and outbound US flights.

Dailymail.co.uk releases unfounded anti-E-Cigarette article

Dailymail, a UK based online news outlet released a story this past Monday titled  "E-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking - just ONE puff could be all it takes to increase the risk of a heart attack".

Although some of the studies cited in the article were legitimate, the writers failed to establish ANY sufficient evidence that would warrant making such a direct and blatant comparison between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

Big Tobacco to Spend Millions on Self-Critical Ads in U.S.

Broadcast television networks and metro newspapers are about to get a boost from an unexpected but familiar source: Big Tobacco.

It’s an old media buy to resolve an old fight. Starting as soon as next month, Altria Group Inc. and British American Tobacco PLC will begin running court-mandated ads to put to rest a lawsuit brought nearly two decades ago by the U.S. Department of Justice over misleading statements the industry had made about cigarettes and their health effects.

UK : More data indicating that youth smoking is at record low

Latest data obtained from an annual survey of secondary school pupils in England, indicates that the proportion of adolescent regular smokers is at a record low.

The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England – 2016, is the latest survey report in a series that began in 1982. The results from this annual survey are obtained from secondary school students in England in years 7 to 11, which in 2016 amounted to 12,051.

As Sessions Cracks Down on Weed, Maker of Fentanyl Is Selling Synthetic THC

Attorney General Jeff 'Beauregard' Sessions rescinded a trio of memos from the Obama administration on Thursday that had previously set a standard for federal non-interference with state-approved marijuana sales.

In a statement released by the Department of Justice, Sessions made it clear that "The War on Drugs" is back on, and will be starting with marijuana.

Smokeless cigarettes not as harmless as claimed, study says

Philip Morris International’s iQOS smokeless cigarette product.

The new “heat not burn” smokeless cigarette devices are not as harmless as their manufacturer claims, according to a new study.


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