Gov. Kasich suggests increasing tax for vape products to 69 percent

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Governor John Kasich’s proposed budget has people across the state talking, especially about possible changes to how Ohioans are taxed.

Kasich’s plan would drastically increase the tax on e-cigarettes — a move that could put some companies out of business.

The House of Vape sits in a plaza off Market Street in Beaver Township.

The products sold inside, pipes and liquids, are already taxed at 17 percent. Under Kasich’s proposed state budget, the tax would increase to 69 percent.

“We would eventually, over time, probably have to close our doors because people are not willing to pay that price for the product,” manager Michelle Pingley said.

Kasich is also proposing another two-year tuition freeze at all of Ohio’s public universities. He wants the schools to pay for all textbooks, though he is allowing them to charge an extra $300 fee.

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