Very rarely has a new technology generated as much media and legislative scrutiny as the Electronic Cigarette (e-cig) and we at the TVECA are quite aware of the reasons. The e-cig looks like a traditional cigarette but that is where all similarities end. People mostly have a very visceral reaction to traditional cigarettes and the e-cig will share in that emotion until one looks further into what this technology encompasses.

The e-cig is simply a battery and five main ingredients (propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine, water and flavoring) that work in harmony to provide adults with their desired nicotine in a hand to mouth ritual that cannot be mimicked by traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRT's) such as gums, patches and lozenges that have up to a 92% failure rate.

What we hear most from media some legislative bodies is that the e-cig industry has "no idea of the constituency" of their products, that they are selling units to minors and that these units are not "safe". We are here simply to dispel these very inaccurate statements and provide all who inquire with the facts and experiences of now over 3.5 Million e-cigs users and the over 20+ studies done on the components and constituents in an e-cig. Click here for studies (only available to TVECA members, please login)

The e-cig is marvelous technology that after its introduction in the United States in early 2007 has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands and the TVECA has been established to be the single resource for the facts, science and overall compliance of all TVECA members.

TVECA Timeline

2014: Republic-technologies-France, joins TVECA

2014: On November 7th, TVECA's CEO Ray Story has spoken at Beckhoff Automation Tobacco and E-CIG Meeting in Berlin, Germany.

2014: In September, TVECA was present at the Inter-Tabac, Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Germany

2014: September, TVECA's CEO Ray Story has spoken in China at the Electronic Cigarette Conference

2014: TVECA's CEO Ray Story attended the vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg today and welcomed the new Directive as it creates for the first time ever a harmonized regulatory framework for e-cigarettes in Europe.

2014: March, Spanish Media Coverage of TVECA / ANCE Press Conference, Madrid

2014: Strasbourg, 26th of February,The European Parliament approved today the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which regulates electronic cigarettes under its Article 20

2014: TVECA worked closely with European Union Institutions on e-­cigarette regulation, ultimately resulting in adoption of the EU's Revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

2013: TVECA works with Laguna Beach City Council to reverse a proposed ban on electronic cigarettes

2013: Italian E-cig association joins TVECA

2013: TVECA releases "White Paper" rebutting the claim that the e-cig is indeed a drug device combination: Click Here to View

2012: TVECA with its EU Lobby firm EPPA, begins to contact EU members to initiate the process of explaining that the e-cig is indeed a tobacco product and not a drug delivery device

2012: TVECA's German member association lobbies with German officials to remove bans and warnings about e-cigarettes. Court issues opinion that electronic cigarettes are tobacco products and not drugs

2012:TVECA wins a lawsuit challenging the Dutch Ministry of Health's ban on e-cigarette sales

2011: TVECA works with the FAA to explain how to regulate e-cigs on domestic flights

2011: TVECA works with states to determine if and if so/ levels of taxation applied to the electronic cigarette

2011: TVECA holds meetings with principals of the e-cig industry to establish codes of business practices and other compliance issues to assure that e-cig distributors adhere to business best practices: Click Here to View

2011: ECA is renamed "Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association" to more precisely categorize the association and the product it represents

2010: FDA loses in court to Smoking Everywhere. Court states that the FDA does not have the authority to seize electronic cigarettes because the products don't qualify as drug devices or combination subject to the agency's regulation

2009: ECA works with e-cig vapor coalitions to provide the states of Utah, Illinois, New York the facts, science and experiences of e-cig and its users to help advert state bans

2009: ECA goes to California State Capital to lobby Gov. Schwarzenegger to not ban the e-cig. ECA is successful and Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoes the bill to ban e-cigs

2009: ECA does many interviews to immediately dispel this incredible and since scientifically nullified claim and creates the Truthaboutecigs.com site that simply discusses and refutes all disinformation being laden upon the e-cig

2009: FDA holds a press conference to announce it had “found that they (e-cigs) contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze."

2009: Ray Story and his company "Smoking Everywhere" began litigation with the FDA claiming the e-cig was indeed a tobacco product as its nicotine was derived from tobacco leaf and stem

2009: ECA does many interviews to immediately dispel the incredible and since scientifically nullified claim that electronic cigarettes "contain ingredients used in anti-freeze" and" toxic levels of chemiclas" and creates the Truthaboutecigs.com site that simply discusses and refutes all disinformation being laden upon the e-cig

2009: The FDA seizes TVECA Co-Founder Ray Story's shipments of electronic cigarettes claiming the product was an unapproved drug delivery device

2008: The ECA travels to Washington DC to begin lobbying efforts with U.S. State Senators and Congressmen to enlighten all about the e-cig and how the beginnings of responsible legislation should be initiated

2008: Electronic Cigarette Association was formed to be the voice of the beginnings of the "e-cig" industry as the media was searching for information on this fledgling technology and governmental bodies desired to regulate the technology

Meet the Team


Ray Story

As owner of Smoking Everywhere, Ray Story initiated the litigation against the FDA claiming the e-cig was indeed a tobacco product and not a drug delivery device. On December 7, 2010 Ray and the e-cig industry won a unanimous court decision siding with the e-cig. He also initiated and successfully defeated the Dutch ministry in their attempt to ban e-cig and is currently working with EU parliament to allow e-cigarettes to be sold everywhere in the EU with responsible regulations. Ray Story is the Founder and owner of the UTVG which includes brands like Premium Vapes, WannaVape, Flavor Vapes, and Vape Master.


Thomas R. Kiklas

Thomas is Director of Operations/Co-Owner of NICMAXX Electronic Cigarette Brands. Thomas has worked with the States of California, Utah, Illinois and New York and in each state considering e-cig action, his presented documentation of science and experience led to e-cigarettes remaining available to its citizens. Prior to inLife, Tom spent 20 years on Wall Street managing investments for private estates. inLife and Thomas were founding members of The Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA), now the TVECA.

Media Relations

Andre Perry

Andre Perry has been involved with marketing and media for the past 15 years and has evolved with the ever expanding trends in online and mobile marketing. He made his jump to the fast growing electronic cigarette market in 2013 by joining the TVECA and heading up their media relations department. Often changing laws and regulations in the e-cigarette industry have kept Andre busy with the education and awareness to our TVECA members.

Managing Director

Dac Sprengel

Dac Sprengel is the latest member to join the TVECA as a spoke person for European affairs. Dac is a minority owner of Red Kiwi and also runs the German Association for ecigarettes. Dac will be instrumental in providing support to the industry in Europe. Dac is the liaison and spoke person for the European associations.

Secretary / USA Member Services

Chrissy Keheley

EU Member Services

Chantal Meijering

Web Development

Christopher Fowler

Legal Representation in USA

Thompson Hine

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Legal Representation in Europe

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