What's Really Inside Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge?

Nearly every week it seems like there's a new vape product on the market. Even though dried cannabis flowers are still the most popular purchase among California medical marijuana patients, according to the 2016 State of Cannabis report from weed delivery service Eaze, vapes are swiftly catching up.

Whereas in 2015, vaporizer cartridges only comprised six percent of Eaze’s total sales, in just a year they saw a 400 percent increase, climbing to 24 percent of sales among their 250,000 customers in 2016. Flower, on the other hand, dropped from 75 percent of total sales to 54 percent within the same time frame.

As more states decide to legalize adult use or medical marijuana, cannabis is becoming more accessible to a broader range of people, and gaining mainstream appeal. For new patients or novice users who can't roll a joint, don't want the mess of grinding up bud, or would rather not smell like weed, vaping offers a convenient, discreet, and tidy alternative.

"The people coming in to try cannabis now are new to the market; these aren't your 'stoners' of the past," says Jamie Feaster, founding team member and vice president of marketing at Eaze. "These are people who are curious about alternative forms of relief: working professionals, baby boomers, mothers, and so on."
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