The War on E-Cigarettes & The Consequences of Partialism

If you've followed the news very closely, or even just skimmed it in the past year, you've likely noticed that there are many outlets "researching" and reporting on the negative effects of the E-Cigarette (or lack there of?).

The fact is that there are many who harbor their own agenda whether it be pro or anti e-cigarette, but what both sides mostly agree on is that traditional tobacco products have caused a simply massive amount of death over it's years of ruling the market for those who seek nicotine. The studies have been done. The science is clear.

What isn't so clear as of yet is where the same studies exist at on the E-Cigarette. Where is the copious research that spells out without a doubt that e-cigarettes cause cancer and reduce one's life span considerably? Well, it doesn't seem to EXIST as of yet, but that hasn't stopped the opposition from coming out against them in unparalleled masses to tell us what they HAVE found concerning popcorn lung, sperm count, and other effects that pale in comparison to that of it's traditional tar-filled ancestor.

Many of the anti-E-Cigarette entities tend to use the "It took us many years to figure out that traditional cigarettes were as harmful as they are" which is true and fair. However, We neither had the scientific expertise nor the efficiency and equipment we have today for making those very important finds causing that same argument to quickly fail for the E-Cigarette. Perhaps it should be noted that if we accept the current research that has been performed legitimately (using the product as it was intended), E-Cigarettes may have saved the lives of millions already from a painful and slow death related to cancer and it's often drastic treatments. This should be more important than any company's bottom line and should be taken into consideration before attempting to spread propaganda about a product before having any comparable evidence against it to the effects of the traditional cigarette lest we tell people to "go ahead and light up your old cigarette because the new generation has nothing better to offer".

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