Vaping Set to Grow Into a $10 Billion Industry

It is difficult to negate the fact that there have been a lot of controversies surrounding electronic cigarettes and vaporizers since they first became popular in 2008. Issues surrounding the use of vaporizers, the dangers associated with these devices and even researches about the side effects and the contents of vaping liquids continue to make headlines as we get closer to 2017.

Many experts have already said that vaping will soon die down, but the latest market research suggests that the vaporizer market in the US is a growing market nonetheless. Is vaping here to stay?

A More Regulated Market

The vaping industry is projected to grow into a $10 billion industry by the end of 2017. This projection comes from Wells Fargo analysts and it shocked a lot of people who predicted that the market was dying down. Analysts believe that the recent introduction of tighter regulations, released to help limit the growth of the industry, has actually created a lot of confidence in customers.

Vaping products are indeed safer than ever. The best starter kits today now display safety warnings and include detailed information about vaping to help educate customers. The same can be said for vaping liquids. You can now see a clear list of ingredients, the amount of nicotine and other food-grade substances a liquid is made of and other details that induce more confidence.
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