Vaping: Another Hot Cannabis Consumption Method

Growth In Vaping and Consumption of Cannabis Oil

Vaporizer sales are rising, and consumption of cannabis oils is rising too. In order to take advantage of these trends, we wanted to look at the publicly listed vaporizer companies to give an overview of what companies could ride this wave.

According to The Global E-Cigarette & Vaporizer Market Forecast 2017-2027 from Visiongain, the "overall world revenue for E-Cigarette and Vaporizer market. will surpass $9.5bn in 2017."

Beyond that, in the two most recent quarters of medical marijuana market data released by Health Canada, growth in cannabis oil sales was stronger than growth in both the number of registered patients and and the growth in dried marijuana sales.

Cannabis oil sales just brought in record monthly revenues at Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTCQX:ACBFF), and we can assume other oil-approved licensed producers will notice similar results.

To be clear, cannabis oils can be consumed in ways other than vaping, and there are vaporizers on the market that use whole flower as opposed to concentrates, but it’s safe to assume that some of these oils made their way into a vaporizer of one form or another.

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