Legislators still attack vaping, even as evidence of its benefits mounts

Some state legislators are trying again to cripple the vaping market. They’ve revived last year’s proposal to restrict the nicotine-bearing vapor produced by electronic “cigarettes” to just three flavors -- tobacco, menthol or clove. In short, they want to ensure that vaping, the more healthful alternative to smoking tobacco, tastes like the cancer-causing habit it helps people overcome.

The legislators, led by state Sen. Joseph Vitale, D-Middlesex, claim that any other of the hundreds of vaping flavors already in the market could be appealing to children -- even though the sale of vaping supplies is already prohibited to anyone under age 19.

Previous campaigns against imaginary vaping harms have included proposals to redefine vaping as smoking, even though it involves no burning of tobacco, and to ban people from vaping in automobiles if children are present.

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