The health hazards of vaping are overblown

It’s time to stop vilifying vaping. The scientific evidence is mounting that:

E-cigarettes are not a gateway drug that entice young people to take up smoking;
Vapour devices are at least as effective as other nicotine replacements products such as patches and gum in helping smokers quit;
Vapour from e-cigarettes contains significantly fewer toxins than smoke from tobacco cigarettes;
Second-hand exposure to vapour is far less harmful than exposure to second-hand smoke.

“The public has been misled about the risks of e-cigarettes,” says Tim Stockwell, director of the Centre for Addiction Research of B.C. at the University of Victoria.

“Many people think they are as dangerous as smoking tobacco, but the evidence shows this is completely false.”

Dr. Stockwell is not just blowing smoke. He and fellow CARBC researchers have just produced one of the most comprehensive reviews of the research to date and it shows unequivocally that vaping is replacing, not promoting, smoking.
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