Health Activists Urge E-Cigarette Ban to Protect "Clean Air"

Health officials are recommending a ban on using electronic cigarettes in Louisville, Ky., arguing the devices pose a threat to the city’s “clean air standards.”

City regulators are folding to persistent recommendations from groups like the American Heart Association and American Lung Association, which have been lobbying states across the country for months to crack down on vaping. A 77-page document sent to the mayor of Louisville Nov. 30 from the various health groups claims the vapor exhaled by e-cigarette users is a threat to air quality and presents second-hand hazards to those exposed, reports Courier Journal.

This is prompting the Louisville Health Department to move forward with recommendations to the city council to relegate their use to areas where smoking is allowed, reports Courier Journal. They also want to include indoor hookah smoking in the ban.

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