Government & Pharma casting the E-Cigarette in a bad light by any means possible.

If you've read any of the news on the e-cigarette in the past week, you'll notice it's been dominated by stories of half-baked short term studies claiming that e-cigarettes cause allergies to be irritated, slow the healing process, and even heart and respiratory problems.

These studies are mostly done independently, by Pharma related organizations, or by government or state sponsored entities with other conflicts of interest.

Studying the effects of this new technology is extremely important, but bear in mind that it's also important to get people away from traditional smoking: a product which has indeed caused much death and suffering throughout it's existence as it still does today. This being said, It would be wise of some of these entities who claim to hold public health above all to take a second look at the e-cigarette before condemning it with no evidence what-so-ever that it stands even a near equivalent to it's combustible predecessor.

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