GOP finally sees Vape law problems

After ignoring protests last year, then seeing a preliminary injunction issued by a U.S. District Court and an FBI investigation launched, Indiana House Republican leaders now want to overhaul a vape law that would have created a monopoly.

The law would have mandated a certification process that would create a monopoly for Mulhaupt’s, a Lafayette-based business. The law had been championed by state Sen. Ron Alting, who is — you guessed it — from Lafayette.

Back in May 2015, Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed the vape bill, HB 1432, into law, to fill the vacuum created by lack of federal regulation of e-liquid products. (A year later, federal regulations were enacted.) The state law was amended last year, leading to the preliminary injunction and FBI investigation.

E-liquid is used to carry nicotine in electronic cigarettes. Vaping describes use of e-cigarettes, which create a vapor.
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