Game Changer | Why Canada’s Top Anti-Tobacco Group Embraces Vaping

It’s the mortal enemy of the tobacco industry, the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association. For over 40-years, the NSRA leads the effort to eradicate the tobacco industry’s deadly products. Racking up win after win with non-smoking bylaws, advertising bans and the world precedent setting graphic warnings on cigarettes packages.

You might think the NSRA would be a natural enemy of vaping, but to the surprise of many, it has become a strong supporter of vaping as a tool for harm reduction. And, it has voiced serious concerns over key provisions of Bill S-5, which it believes could cost the lives of Canadian smokers if passed without amendment.

On this special edition of RegWatch hear directly from Pippa Beck, the NSRA’s Senior Policy Analyst and learn why the NSRA believes Canadians have a right to relative risk information and how Bill S-5 does NOT ban flavours—only on RegWatch!
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