G4 Cartomisers and their appeal

The G4 Cartomizers are an added accessory for the eVape collection. They have a large capacity and can screw into any 510 or ego battery. They are well priced and can be used in place of an atomiser and cartridge. When vaping, they really pack a punch and work by pushing 3.2- 3.7 voltage through. The juice burns at a pleasant rate and the G4's are small enough to carry around with you so you can use different flavours. The good thing about them too is that they are refillable, so you really get value for money. The electronic cigarette market works by allowing you to use these devices until you find the best combo. The 510 battery may not be powerful enough without constant recharging to use with the G4, so we do recommend using an eGo battery. You can get the G4 cartomizers here from eVape. 

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