Electronic Cigarettes still controversial

Electronic cigarettes are relatively new in the mainstream technology stakes, but we are surprised that vaping has been met by such controversy. In Australia there is such ill informed press regarding these devices that one does begin to wonder why people would want to rally to ban such a product, particularly when it does not directly concern them. In Australia today, there are many other issues thats should be controversial such as the pill that is prescribed for giving up smoking, Champix. This drug has been linked to a number of suicides, yet the attitude of the media is, let's weigh the risks against the benefits. I personally know two people who have suicided one was my ex partner and was on Zyban, another was the wife of our friend, she was on Champix. Well let's see, even if only a handful of people suicide, well that is too much of a risk if you ask me! Vaping on the other hand seems to have much less risks yet huge benefits, so we are confused as to why electronic cigarettes would be so overtly controversial. Yes I agree, nicotine in it's pure form is very dangerous, but the thing is, in Australia we do not sell the stuff. In fact we are only selling 0mg ejuices and devices to vape these. Anyway, it seems that we as a nation are scared of anything we do not know much about so rather than investigating the benefits, we trash the concept instead. Just thinking, perhaps this should be looked at as a personal choice rather than something that is illicit or dangerous.

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