Electronic Cigarettes, a popular choice for all walks of life

It is interesting that our customer base brings such a variety of people that are choosing to try vaping. This proves that the market for electronic cigarettes does not discriminate and that anybody can choose to take up vaping at any stage and for any reason. Many of our customers express that they have chosen to try ecigs as a way to try to give up smoking. They say that even though we do not sell nicotine, that they feel that electronic cigarettes provide a psychological hand to mouth movement that they are so used to when they smoked cigarettes.
It is important to understand that it does not matter whether you have been smoking for 12 months or 25 years, vaping is worth a go as it is affordable, especially considering the high cost of cigarettes these days. Take a customer who recently contacted us with some concerns prior to purchase; this particular person is aged 61 years and had been a heavy smoker for the majority of his adult life. This means that he has been smoking for over 40 years! He basically asked in a blatant way whether he should even bother giving it a go, but was impressed with his son's efforts who himself was a seasoned smoker and managed to quit the habit in a matter of days. Our reply was basically that it is his choice, but even we were not sure if this would be met with any success. Interestingly enough, we received word about 8 weeks later that this man had not only managed to quit smoking by converting to vaping, but had managed to quit his nicotine addiction also. He did accredit his success to the electronic cigarette, but also determination, will power and an immense desire to improve his health. 
Part of the joy of being able to sell such devices, is to hear of such cases where people have managed to break the hold that smoking has had over them for so long. Not all of our customers have shared such instant success. A female aged 49, had smoked for a long time and had tried various methods to quit, she found that with each method, she experience health issues such as palpitations from patches and gum. She found that her initial use of electronic cigarettes was met with some symptoms such as light headedness, palpitations and nausea. She did ask if we knew of any adverse effects and this was the first case that had come back to us. After visiting her doctor, he informed her that it was not necessarily the vaping (which contains a mix of harmless PG/VG) but the withdrawal symptoms from the chemicals found in cigarettes. She was advised to give it a bit longer and if her symptoms worsened to stop. She did find that in the end, he symptoms subsided and she is now an avid vaper, ex smoker and feeling fabulous. 
Obviously vaping is not for everyone and this is not something that we are certainly claiming. Some people take to it and receive excellent results virtually instantly, others take longer to adapt and then find success and there are a small few who try vaping and find that it is not really for them. Some of our customers have reported that they did not smoke every day, but loved a cigarette with a glass of wine or a beer, now they find it much better to have a vape instead, as they psychologically feel like they are doing the smoking motions, but not doing as much harm to their bodies. 

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