E-cigarettes ubiquitous at schools despite all efforts

One e-cig trade group supports the FDA’s crackdown on companies targeting young people, but says that shouldn’t overshadow the positive influence vaping can have on tobacco smokers trying to quit.

“If e-cigarettes were removed from the market today, you’re going to find the largest segment of the current vapor user go back to conventional tobacco,” said Ray Story, CEO of Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. “That would have a monstrous impact.” 


The general manager of Vape 911 in Atlanta vapes while describing different products to customers in the store.  (Fox News)

Story said there should be greater accessibility to e-cigarettes over conventional cigarettes for adults and more resources devoted to enforcing the age requirement.

In a statement released this week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb acknowledged “e-cigarettes may present an important opportunity for adult smokers to transition off combustible tobacco products.” 

“But these public health opportunities are put at risk if all we do is hook another generation of kids on nicotine and tobacco products through alternatives like e-cigarettes,” he added. .....

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