Dailymail.co.uk releases unfounded anti-E-Cigarette article

Dailymail, a UK based online news outlet released a story this past Monday titled  "E-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking - just ONE puff could be all it takes to increase the risk of a heart attack".

Although some of the studies cited in the article were legitimate, the writers failed to establish ANY sufficient evidence that would warrant making such a direct and blatant comparison between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes.

This is the very type of misinformation that could potentially lead smokers to continue the habit rather than seeking better alternatives. Furthermore, the effects described in the studies cited by the article are consistent with those of caffeine.

The most harmful elements of the traditional cigarette which are not present when using the e-cigarette are the combustion products from the actual burning of the tobacco such as tar.

You can find the article from Daily Mail below.

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