The change from smoking to vaping

A few vapers experience some symptoms when converting from cigarettes to vaping as the body no longer has to deal with the excreted tar and ash and instead begins to clear out the accumulated gunk. Nicotine intake from vaping is generally quite a lot lower so there might be some withdrawal symptoms too, which is often mitigated by increased vaping in the first days. From there though, things just get better and better. Soon the cough is gone, breathing is easier, and energy levels start rising; so much so that people often begin to get more active in their daily lives. The senses of taste and smelimprove dramatically too. Note that in most cases, these symptoms are due to cessation of smoking rather than starting to vape. This does become evident after a couple of weeks when many of the symptoms ease.
While many health practitioners have seen the changes with their own eyes and through routine tests - such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate, both good signs of overall health - government agencies and anti-smoking groups have tended to take a stance beyond mere caution, seemingly taking a prejudiced stand before fully appraising the subject. This is understandable in some ways as there has not been an extreme amount of research done on vaping, however, there is reassurance in knowing that the ingredients that are used are food safe for human consumption and are actually found in fog machines that people breathe in.
The truth is that the NRT products such as nicotine gum and the patch have a very low success rate (especially when the use is stopped; well under 10% at six months for gum and patches); the great majority continue to be smokers. Others, such as Champix, have even been linked to a number of deaths. See article here: So vaping as an alternative needs to be seen in that light - it is far more successful in getting people off smoking; somewhere between 70% and 80%. It would make no sense to prohibit something that is clearly far less harmful than smoking while tobacco is still legal. While some will try moving the goalposts, the major benefit of vaping is that it allows people to become non-smokers.
While eVape does not sell nicotine e-juice, it can be imported for personal use from overseas if nicotine use is necessary to give up smoking. We do sell complimentary e-juices to be used with these products to enhance the taste and experience of vaping. We have many complimentary flavours that can be used with or without nicotine and we recommend trying a few flavours to see what suits you best. There's nothing particularly unknown about e-juice; it is just propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin plus flavouring. Vaporised glycols have been safety studied considerably for use in fog machines.
Vaping is a simple boiling of just a handful of simple substances that are regarded as safe (GRAS status) and used in products including food flavourings. Dr. Michael Siegel (a specialist in preventative medicine and public health) concludes that "it would be criminal to take these products off the market. Smokers who have found these products to be a life-saver, allowing them to stay off regular cigarettes, should be permitted to have the choice of continuing to use the product while more definitive studies are conducted."
The 'e-cigarette' is an alternative to smoking that involves no burning of tobacco - in fact, no burning at all. A small battery is used to vaporise a solution of nicotine in propylene glycol ('PG', widely used in medicines and cosmetics) or glycerine ('VG', a familar product at the supermarket). The battery powers a small heater coil that boils this liquid and when the PG/VG briefly recondenses as it cools on exhale produces a transient visible vapor - just like a stage / disco fog machine (these use PG and VG in much the same way).
Starter kits range from $30 to $120, with the higher priced kits containing larger batteries and more accessories. Not a big price to pay for something really revolutionary; especially as ongoing costs can be considerably lower than with smoking. Atomisers can last from 1 week to several months; the rechargeable batteries last between 1 month and several months. Batteries and atomisers are around $10 each, less in bulk. A typical starter kit includes 2 batteries, 2 atomisers, some pre-filled cartridges (these contain the nicotine solution) and a battery charger. 510 MEGA Kit is our most popular kit for first time customers.
The e-cigarette, also known as the 'personal vaporiser, or 'PV', was invented in China about 5 years ago and is patented by the company called RuYan, which means 'like smoke'; but while it might look like smoke, it isn't smoke, and therein lies the beauty of this amazing device. A number of other manufacturers make versions of the e-cig under license. Many companies sell customised versions or rebranded/repackaged kits based on items from the main manufacturers.
People are often rather incredulous on first hearing about the e-cig. Some have been trying for years to stop smoking, some see it as a way to get nicotine when smoking is not allowed, or just out of curiosity.
While some people can find vaping a bit of a strange concept in the beginning, in terms of needing to charge batteries for example, and needing to change their puffing style somewhat, the majority find e-cigs both easy to use and a pleasure to use. The majority soon realise that not only does vaping avoid the tar and the carcenigens of smoking, and numerous other toxic chemicals, it also tastes better too; soon real cigarettes begin to taste awful and the harmful smoking of tobacco is relinquished surprisingly easily.
Some vapers decide to go further and cut down their nicotine intake, sometimes to zero; this is easy to do if you want to with the e-cigarette by changing the nicotine concentration of the juice used. Either way, all vapers are very happy indeed to no longer be a smoker; and so are their family, friends and colleagues. Indeed, not only does vaping allow one to use nicotine more safely, but do so without affecting others too, as with 'second-hand smoke'.
People who have smoked a pack or two every day for decades, and who have tried everything to quit, suddenly find themselves smoke-free; and understandably declare that 'it's a miracle', 'I'm so thrilled - I'd never have believed it'. 'It's a life-changing event'. 'Freedom from the cigarettes - at last!' 'No more smell, no more buts, ash, stains or burns!'
When one switches over to vaping, even if slowly, levels of medications may need to changed.
Many people have found that their blood pressure decreased significantly in the weeks after switching from smoking to vaping. Although a good thing, if you are on blood pressure medication, you should have a few checkups at intervals to monitor the changes and the medication dosage adjusted (lowered); perhaps at one week and month. If you notice any changes or don't feel good, don't wait to be checked over.
Also, those on medications for depression and other psychological conditions might begin to feel not so good after switching to vaping, because e-cigarettes, while delivering clean nicotine, (if vaping with nicotine) do not deliver all the psychoactive agents found in tobacco smoke. So again, a check-up would be advised if this happens.
Some changes are expected when changing one's habits, mostly transitory; but if on medications, or don't feel well, do go for a check-up.
Overall; the change from smoking to vaping may mean some physical and psychological changes for the user, but in the long run we have found that most people using our products have had long term success rates. The withdrawal symptoms will exist for a short time, but generally specking we find that after this has passed, the new vaper who is not smoking anymore has found the transition relatively easy and life changing.

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