Big Tobaccos - Are they finally on their Suicide Missions?

It almost seems like a cosmic change - a ‘Dark Force’ have risen and one of the tobacco heroes announced in their usual bold, elegant fashion - “it's time..” – time for what? “time to, well... quit!”

Tobacco executives (including myself being an ex-) have been in denial for years that their ends are anywhere nearing soon. They (again, including myself) assertively pronounced that despite all the warnings, demonizing and blind packagings, human species, thanks to its self-destructive desires, would continue to be puffing cigarettes for many, many years to come - so, no one needs to worry about the future (other than the ones who are addicted to smoking…).

And for many years (including recent years), everybody seems to have bought this story and Wall Street never hesitated rewarding tobaccos handsomely, marking tobacco stocks as precious “cash cows”, letting their share prices breaking all time highs year after year, even in the middle of financial crisis.

But it seems they are hit by a force – and in an unexpected move, one of the biggest players are announcing that they are ready to “quit”!
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